Selected Articles 

"Have Camera, Will Travel" PDNedu
João Canziani finds photographic potential in every corner of the earth, November 2018.
"One Woman Show," SUITED
How Francesca Fiorentini uses comedy, journalism, and activism to prove her point.
"Your Art Here," PDNedu
Four brands creating opportunities for new photographers, March 2018
"Rebirth of a Brand," BJP
How Kenzo's creative team invigorated the brand, British Journal of Photography, May 2016
"Going Indie," PDNedu
Getting your foot in the door with independent publications, December 2017
"Theory of Aliveness," SUITED
Why activist, therapist, writer and muse Robert Levithan rejects expiration dates, Spring 2016
"Behind Scenes Specialist" PDNedu
JoJo Whilden is the go-to photographer of your favorite TV shoes, April 2017
"Busted iPhones," Crain's New York
The booming cottage business of fixing iPhone screens onsite, Sept. 2015
"The Ringleader," SUITED
Brooklyn stylemaker Ouigi Theodore takes on American culture, Fall 2015
"Truth-Telling," Digital Photo Pro
Photojournalist Barbara Davidson's illustrative career, March 2016
"Editor's Pick," Rangefinder
Lucas Foglia documents life in the American West, with Frontcountry, April 2014
"Southern Stories," Rangefinder
What drives a food and lifestyle photographer, Sept. 2014
"Everywhere Man," PDNedu
Bill Eppridge's subjects included Barbra Streisand and The Beatles, April 2012
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